Enviromentally Friendly

To produce a range of agricultural crops including corn, wheat, sunflower, seed, soybeans, rapeseed as well as milk and meat products in an efficient and environmentally compliant manner.


To enlarge our current land bank of more than 20,000 hectares to in excess of a 100,000 hectares and to become one of the leading European companies in Agriculture.

State of the Art Technology

To continue to use and invest in the most up to date agricultural equipment and technology to insure a continued increase in yield and an effective use of fertilisers, seeds, animal feed and fuel.


To expand our modern and dynamic holding company with an integrated business model, comprising of crop planning, cultivation, planting, crop care, harvesting, storage, and trading.

Professional Team

To employ and train employees that are professional and driven to provide the best for the company and themselves in a highly safety conscious work environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To be socialy responsible to the local community and together build a prosperous future for all concerned.

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Latest news

April 11, 2017

Sowing 2017

The enterprises of the Klever-Agro holding company started the sowing of sunflower in the Cherkassy region. The early spring allowed to enter the field 7-10 days earlier than usual. All the enterprises have renewed the park of row seeders. Corporation “Ukragrotech” tesys the new KINZE 3600. In 2017 the enterprises optimized the structure of crops, leaving […]


October 21, 2016

Milk prices are growing

The Corporation “Ukragroteh” has 600 cow of highly productivity. At the end of 2016 it is expected to 8600 liters of milk per 1 cow. Highly technological equipment allows to get extra milk , and therefore the highest bidder. At a meeting with shareholders addressed the issue of improving the conditions of korov- establishment of the climate […]


October 21, 2016

Grain Harvest 2016

First in holding grain harvesting finished Corporation “Ukragrotekh.” In all crops yield higher expenses at targets within budget. At the end of harvest Shareholders attended Corporation. The main topics of the meeting were preserving the harvest and sales channels.



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