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December 2014

December 5, 2014
Summing up 2014

In the agricultural holding Clover Agro December 3 held a meeting on summarizing 2014. For all crops, except soybean yields are higher planned. The average wheat yield was 5.5 t / ha, sunflower 3, 9 corn, soybeans 1.6, sorghum-5. Based on the analysis of performance indicators of the enterprises have decided to change the structure of crops in 2015. In particular, the decision to abandon soybeans in those enterprises where the yield is lower than 2 t / ha.

Despite the declin prices for grain, all the companies have received a positive financial result. Profits of the enterprises based on the level of crop yields ranged from $80 to $310 per hectare. Business executives were oriented to the optimization of costs, which will significantly reduce the cost of production

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